innovate and elevate the way you farm.
innovate and elevate the way you farm.
begin your journey to greater efficiency
Modelling an alliance between sustainable, in-season growing principles + modern innovative technologies.

Based in Taranaki, Roebuck Farm aims to build the bridge back for growers and consumers to regenerative food systems by sharing the expertise we've developed.

Join us and upskill with our award-winning programme. Build knowledge during our one-on-one consultations, on-farm workshops or custom farm training course.
Roebuck Farm is a true example regenerative agriculture.
Curtis Stone — The Urban Farmer. Kelowna, British Columbia
The exquisite Roebuck farm is nothing short of the best example of small-scale, commercial biointensive gardening that we have seen.
Darren J. Doherty - Regrarians
Melbourne, Australia
Honestly life changing. Just what I needed. Every aspect covered, all questions answered.
Danny Keegan
Christchurch, NZ
Workshop attendee
Start right, expand wisely
We’ll teach you how
Time alongside Jodi Roebuck fast tracks growers to make a return in their market gardens projects.

Jodi is a world-renowned contemporary market gardener with 20+ years experience in sustainable growing + coaches the essentials of a profitable market garden business.

His extensive engagement in market gardening practice around the world means no matter where you are, he will add criticality to your project.

Join him for an online consultation or come to his farm in Taranaki, New Zealand to learn driectly alongside him at Roebuck Farm.

Upcoming Workshops at Roebuck Farm
Workshops are held on our farm, 10 minutes south of New Plymouth in Taranaki.
They are fully catered + resourced.

We keep workshops to small, limited place groups + we advise booking early.
Roebuck Farm Market Gardening Intensive, Labour Weekend - 26-28 October 2024
26-28 October 2024
Success Stories
One of the most important things you can do as a grower, whether advanced or beginner, is seeking out support and guidance from those with more experience and expertise.

I turned to Jodi for guidance in taking my growing skills to the next level and I was blown away by his professionalism, depth of knowledge and generosity with sharing.

As I start my new farming enterprise, I can clearly see how Jodi’s support and guidance has set me up for success.

Do yourself and your farm a favour - call Jodi Roebuck :)
Mikey Densham
Five Tales Farm, Mornington Peninsular, Melbourne
Oct 2022
“We were talking about how important it is to go to other farms when we start a Market Gardening business.

My advice is choose farms that are not only being sustainable but also being financial sustainable.

Coming here is setting the bar higher on my professional vision.

In the beginning of the year I was craving a mentor figure.
Tiago Fonteboa
Custom Training
Formiga Gloriosa
Trofa, Porta, Portugal
February 2023
I have just finished the two day market garden weekend workshop with Jodi and Tanya.

I cannot recommend this course enough! It was an incredibly inspiring, informative and entertaining experience.

Jodi's wealth of knowledge and the level of detail he can go into crunching numbers and sharing his personal experiences of the many trials over decades that have failed or been successful is gold.
Zoe Mitchel
Market Gardening Workshop
Toad Hall
Motueka, Nelson, NZ
June 2023
"Roebuck Farm is not only producing quality food, they are also producing knowledge + transferring it, which has far wider implications for the sustainability of our food system"

Emily King,
Sustainability Award Judge,
Outstanding Food Producer Awards
Voucher: Online Consultation - 1 hour
Voucher: Market Gardening Intensive Weekend
The Roebuck Fork
Proudly supplying Taranaki with the best produce
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