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Kia Ora
We are Jodi + Tanya Roebuck and we are Roebuck Farm, an intensive 2/3rds of an acre market garden growing + delivering our produce into our local restaurants + retail.

Our farm is here, a few minutes south of New Plymouth, under Mount Taranaki, on a peninsular of the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand/Aotearoa in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Roebuck Farm is an award-winning small-scale intensive market garden. We specialise in same-day harvest + delivery of our salads, baby root vegetables, and other in-season produce to local restaurants + retail.

We love what we do. We are passionate about growing food sustainably and profitably. What we offer is unique.

Jodi Roebuck is known internationally as one of the world’s finest market gardeners.  He comes from a tradition of working alongside mentors having worked on Four Seasons Farm, with Curtis Stone, Jean Martin Fortier, at Pitch Fork Farm, Rose Creek Farm, and with John Jeavons.  Mentorship is a wonderful thing + he continues to collaborate with the world’s best growers.  Jodi has 20+ years of experience in gardening + coaching across all aspects of our business.

We met at art school back in the 90’s. Jodi was studying Art Design + Tanya studied Fine Arts with the super fine tutelage of John McLean + Tom Kreisler. Tanya went on to study Steiner education, working in curative education at both Hohepa Napier + Christchurch. But before too long we headed up to work together at Koanga Gardens, New Zealand’s only heritage seed bank, with Jodi as an apprentice then Garden Manager + Tanya in propagation + establishing the Koanga Heritage Seed Store.

This is how we learned the Biointensive model. Koanga Gardens sent Jodi on his first trip to study with John Jeavons at Ecology Action in California. This regenerative approach restored Koanga’s heavy clay soils.

We returned home to Taranaki to start a family having our beautiful daughters Isabella + Rata May. Tanya swung back into teaching art + art history while the girls were both at school and Jodi developed the farm from a Biointensive heritage seed garden through to, after a visit from Jean-Martin Fortier + Curtis Stone, an intensive market garden generating leading turnover per acreage.

People come from around the world to train with Jodi. He is a highly skilled gardener and farmer with a deep understanding of efficient lean systems + soil transformation. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops.


We share our business approaches to growing both sustainably + profitably by running multiple market gardening workshops throughout the year at home on the farm + consulting around the world.
We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with the ‘how’s + why’s’ of our approach.
You can ask us anything.

Our work is making an impact globally by helping growers improve soil health, streamline systems,
increase yields + turnover.

This is directly creating jobs + building community.

Great to make contact with you!
Together, we make a difference.

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