Success Stories

We're there every step of the way, every small achievement and celebration as your growing skills flourish.

One of the most important things you can do as a grower, whether advanced or beginner, is seeking out support and guidance from those with more experience and expertise.

I turned to Jodi for guidance in taking my growing skills to the next level and I was blown away by his professionalism, depth of knowledge and generosity with sharing.

As I start my new farming enterprise, I can clearly see how Jodi’s support and guidance has set me up for success.

Do yourself and your farm a favour - call Jodi Roebuck :)

Mikey Densham
Five Tales Farm
Mornington Peninsular,  Melbourne
Oct 2022

In 12 months at Mangaroa Farms we have designed, built and implemented a seriously effective food producing market garden with a 30 by 12 meter greenhouse and .8 ha of outdoor growing space. 

Jodi has been our go to through all stages of our design and bed layout as well as greenhouse selection, microgreen setup, wash and pack design and staff training.

The seamlessness and ease with which this project has come together is both due to the direct input of Jodi as well as the fact that our lead market garden manager is trained by Jodi. 

The knowledge provided took into consideration everything from sun maximisation, wind direction, efficiency of process and labour, tool selection, NP1 certification and so much more.

What Jodi made possible through his knowledge and ready availability to answer any questions or concerns has made this a fabulously enjoyable experience.

From breaking ground in mid October we were selling vege bags with 6 to 10 items weekly by mid January.

Jules Matthews
Mangaroa Farm
Oct 2022

The challenge for us has been to find a way past our home delivery sales model. We adopted this during Covid when we lost all our wholesale accounts, and needed to pivot quickly to stay in business. Whilst it turned into a runaway success it was also burning us both out! Growing far to many crops to provide the website with variety and and delivery day sometimes  turned into a 10hr ordeal

 Our online consult followed by time spent at Roebuck Farm showed us how to zero in on our most profitable crops and then where to sell them for the best return. This new focus has also shown us how Soul Food Farm can support our family and allow me to leave my 30hr/wk farming job and focus solely on our business. 

Eddie + Kylie
Soul Food Farm
Oct 2022