Got a great idea?
And need some direction specifics?

Book a one-on-one power-hour consultation with Jodi Roebuck.


  Regardless of your scale, Jodi will give you specific direction on land choice, tough decision making, farm +/or market garden layout,  tools appropriate to your production, irrigation, development plan
+ the support resources.

Applying knowledge based shortcuts will save time + money.

1 hour
Jodi Roebuck sustainable market gardening micro greens washroom

The process is simple. We will email you ahead a series of questions so you can outline details of your project in advance of the consultation. We want to know your experience, site description + your specific questions. Send photos. We will then book a time to problem solve your project, via a platform that suits you.

'We really appreciate the time that you spent with us and all of the extra information, resources and demonstrations you gave us. We are still buzzing and have been very excited working on the farm since we have been back.
We look forward to implementing what you taught us and definitely look forward to your microgreens course!
We hope to be back again soon to learn some more.'

Tess and Regan @Mapaurikimarketgarden