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If distance is restricting you from visiting Roebuck Farm, an online, one-on-one consultation with Jodi to strategise, will leave you equipped to take the right steps towards sustainable food production.


Image Camilla Rutherford


 Jodi Roebuck, world-renowned contemporary market gardener uses traditional + sustainable practices to be at the forefront of the profitable, small-scale local food movement.


Having clocked into his third decade in the field of championing local sustainable food production, Jodi's work is based alongside the work of peers Curtis Stone (The Urban Farmer) and Jean-Martin Fortier (The Market Gardener). 

His commitment to Regenerative Agriculture has cemented long-term relationships with many of the world's leading sustainable food production figures, shaping the direction of Roebuck Farm and influencing growers around the globe.  His Restoration Grazing work is a complementary integral part of the business + a passion of Jodi's which has led him to work with many graziers and educators in some of the world's wettest + driest regions.




Jodi will give you specific direction on:

 decisions around your site choice,

farm design regarding potential income,

 the right tools for your soils,

how to scale up to appropriate market streams, 

efficiency + compliancy in wash + pack/ post-harvest design,

greenhouse design + orientation,

microgreen production/design,

crop choice + management,

ongoing resources



 The process is simple, we will email you a series of questions so you can outline the details of your project.


We want to know things like your experience, site description + your specific challenges.

Photos + maps are helpful. 


We will then schedule a time on Google Meet.

Online Consultation with Jodi Roebuck

$NZ250 - $480


We would love to hear from you.


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Roebuck Farm models an alliance between sustainable, in-season growing principles + modern innovative technologies. 

Join us + share the knowledge during  on-farm + online events, based entirely around our agrarian & market garden production.