Streamlining the CUCUMBER harvest process + the QLIPR SYSTEM

This week we are looking at cucumber management, peak season harvest techniques and equipment.

We use the round-nosed serrated Victornox knife for harvest available everywhere, and a Ryset side pouch with quick-release velcro underneath available from
Cucumbers are ready when the prickles rub off easily, and we harvest the low-hanging fruit while removing leaves to the path to rake up. We also remove any blind cucumbers at this time.

This gives clearance underneath the plant, so we can lower the whole vine down and allow it to keep growing up.

We generally plant one succession of cucumbers for the season and are growing them 10 m long using this low and lean method.

In previous seasons, we have used the tomahook wire and string system where the cucumber is turned around the string regularly to hold the plant upright. The system works nice also although takes more time and end of season is time-consuming to separate the string from the cucumber plant.

The Qlipr low and lean method, uses a long wire with a hook on top and two clips with soft padding to hold the plant. There is no turning the crop the two clips are all that hold the plant upright and to lower the crop you simply remove the bottom clip, slide the top clip down and place the bottom clip up to the top. This method is so fast. It has allowed us to drop the cucumbers more often and keep the upright growth well-managed.

More time is saved at the end of the season when it is time to crop out. Simply remove the two clips, cut the plant at the base and drag the crop out ready to plant the winter garden.

Qlipr available from
Farmers Friend
Never sink farm

We are using the longest wire for cucumbers and a shorter, one for tomatoes
Next season, we are looking at growing eggplant with the system.

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