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Jodi’s philosophy is clear: true sustainability must also be profitable. He firmly believes that being “green” is only achievable if you’re not “in the red,” emphasizing the importance of economic viability in sustainable agriculture.

Jodi Roebuck, the visionary behind Roebuck Farm, believes in the potential of cross-pollination between different agricultural sectors and climates as a driving force in the development of his work.

With a deep-seated passion for sharing his innovative strategies, Jodi actively mentors fellow growers, guiding them towards profitable and sustainable food production. His dedication to this cause underscores his role as a forward-thinker and advocate for a more sustainable future in agriculture.

We offer Custom Training opportunities to share our farming and business strategies with growers + coach the skills necessary both in the field + in attitude to make growing food a profitable + sustainable endeavor.

Time alongside us at Roebuck Farm fast tracks growers to set their up own market gardening enterprises anywhere.


those who’ve experienced the program
Our online consult followed by time spent at Roebuck Farm showed us how to zero in on our most profitable crops and then where to sell them for the best return.

This new focus has also shown us how Soul Food Farm can support our family and allow me to leave my 30hr/wk farming job and focus solely on our business.
Eddie + Kylie
Soul Food Farm, Raglan
Oct 2022
The challenge was to pivot from a simple vegetable garden perspective to a market garden perspective, and to find the right tools, infrastructure, and work flow needed for making a profitable market garden on a small piece of land.

Jodi has something priceless: discipline + patience, you can learn a lot from someone so driven.

I built my 1st market garden from scratch + my experience with Jodi has been one of the BEST decisions of my career
Fernando Garcia de Vinuesa
Portugal + Spain
I’m an Irish market gardener who spent 7 weeks on Jodi’s farm. I loved it there. Got loads of information seeing a farm very similar in size to ours (but a much shinier version) + left with loads of inspiration. Jodi in his ambition, attention to detail + just his absolute constant tweaking + improving of his farm was exactly what I was hoping to get.

He was a mentor when I was there + actually I still think now of some of the conversations
Aonghus Costello
South Conamara, Ireland
How do I apply?
Contact us for more information. We will book a time to video call you.
What experience to I need?
It is not experience as such that you need, it is an attitude towards learning + being a 'team-player'. We will provide you with a podcast + book list which we expect you to have listened to and read before coming to the farm.
Is there accomodation?
Yes, there is a 3 bedroom fully furnished cottage on site for trainees. There are private rooms but shared living spaces. It is expected that you share chores including cooking.
What do I need to provide?
We provide basic food from the farm, all other food you need to supply. You need to be equipped with your own appropriate farm clothing for the season including light weight sneakers.
What will I learn?
Teaching is focused on all necessary elements like propagation + seedling production, greenhouse production, soil preparation, field work, transplanting, direct seeding, experience on + understanding the vast array of tools, harvesting, post- harvest in the wash + pack house, deliveries + sales.
How long is the custom training
3 months
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