I hear from farmers that all farm innovation comes from on farm. We’ve modified all our tools over the years here’s some changes we have made to our direct seeders

Small changes can make a big difference and allow adaptation to your farm styles making farming more comfortable and efficient.

The single row Jang is very versatile. Adding a bicycle kickstand keeps it standing in the field and allows you to change the hopper and cogs easily

For larger sowings -which for us is salad, The Five Row Jang is a game changer. With the handlebar being low we have modified ours to have an adjustable height which is great for long beds, wide beds and short or tall people. To modify the handlebar we purchased two T handles from the single Jang which we got from Active Vista

The Six Row Seeder designed by Elliot Coleman is my favourite salad seed drill

With a pass each side of the bed this gives us 12 rows of salad on a 75 cm wide bed.

We found if you are changing the whole size regularly and the threaded screws threads go the tool doesn’t work so we had a machinist put three screw options in incase this happens again. We use this tool almost every day

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