Efficient Harvesting Techniques: Mizuna with the Salad Greens Harvester

In our latest YouTube clip, we’re sharing our experience harvesting Mizuna with the Salad Greens Harvester. Over the years, we’ve refined our process to maximize efficiency and yield, and we’re thrilled to pass on some of our top tips and hacks to fellow growers.

The Salad Green’s Harvester is available from Farmer’s Friend in the USA and ActiveVista in Australasia

1. Cloche System for Protection:
To protect our direct-seeded salads from insects, we utilize a cloche system sourced from Redpath, available in Australasia and now also in the USA. This not only shields our crops but also ensures optimal growing conditions.

2. Mizuna Variety and Growing Practices:
We grow the Inca variety of Mizuna year-round from South Pacific Seeds. Choosing the right variety and implementing best practices for cultivation contribute to our success in producing high-quality greens.

3. Homemade Cover for the Harvester Blade:
For added safety and convenience, we’ve crafted a homemade cover for the blade of our greens harvester. This simple addition enhances the functionality and usability of the equipment.

4. Using the Quick Cut Greens Harvester:
Our preferred greens harvester, the Quick Cut, is available in the USA from Farmers Friend and in Australasia from Active Vista. Paired with a reliable DeWalt drill, we ensure smooth operation and consistent performance by keeping the battery fully charged.

5. Strategic Harvesting Techniques:
When harvesting, we opt to cut uphill or into the wind, making collection easier and more efficient. This small adjustment in technique can have a significant impact on overall workflow and productivity.

6. Replacement Parts and Maintenance:
To minimize downtime, we always keep a replacement parts kit for the harvester on hand, including new blades. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures uninterrupted operation during peak harvesting seasons.

With these insights and hacks from our years of experience, we aim to empower fellow growers to streamline their salad greens harvesting process. By implementing efficient techniques, utilizing the right tools, and prioritizing maintenance, growers can enhance productivity and maximize yield while delivering high-quality produce to customers.

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