Exciting new system in the greenhouse for training cucumbers and tomatoes

This year marks my 30th year in farming across many sectors and climates. For a long time, I’ve encouraged immersion in different styles, scales, and climates to give yourself way more tools in your toolkit. This season for example we are starting to use the Qlipr hooks, typically used in much larger scale ag, for our tomatoes and cucumbers. They will allow us to drop a plant without the use of ladders. This is a game-changer!

A company in the Netherlands makes Qliprs however they are also available from Active Vista in the South Pacific and Neversink Farm in the US.

We are using the 1.8 meter long wire and train the plants up a string onto the wire. Once the plants are there it is as easy as using the two clips to hold the plant up. No more turning around and definitely no more ladders.

The other training system we have used for years is the Tomahawk. These are great but do require a ladder to reach the top. We designed a simple pole with a hook so we can unhook these without using a ladder . We still have some crops growing on the Tomahawk system this year, like growing pole beans up jute twine on the Tomahawks in our new greenhouse.

Growers already using the Qlipr system rave about it. Both systems require a top wire for support.

Often we get asked why our greenhouses are so tall. The height above the top wire is where the excess heat is. Having the space available keeps the heat above the crops. The top wire is 3 m tall and so using the Qlipr allows us to grow plants in a heat comfortable for them. We have seen other growers have great success and train aubergine and peppers also.

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