How MIXING produce is LEAN + why this MATTERS

We process all our non-salad produce, with the exception of summer fruits, at our outdoor wash and pack station.

We use the blue spray gun from Terratec, suspended from above, with mobile trolleys on wheels and vegetable field crates.

After removing leafy greens from the root vegetables they get sprayed, then pressure washed before combining to create a colourful combination of root vegetables,

And adaption from the salad mix concept, we enjoy the benefits of being able to sell the smaller root vegetables that are usually harvested on the final pick.

The flexibility we have found from the salad mix model has worked well with the root vegetable mix also.

This gives us more consistency throughout the year around growing season we have, creates less waste by being able to sell smaller grades and create root roasting mixes with as little as three varieties.

The combination, colours and ratios of the mix can vary significantly.

Examples of crops we include:
Tokyo Turnip
Purple or red radishes
Beetroot of any colour and shape
Small carrots
Fresh onions of any colour

Removing the tops from root vegetables increases shelflife and makes the produce ready-to-go for the retail customer or restaurant.

After washing, the root mix is dried on our drying screen before chiller storage or packaging.

No waste is created as we feed the tops of the root vegetables to our sheep or compost them.

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