How to build speed, efficiency + consistency into your microgreen harvesting

Years back we picked up a great method of harvesting micro greens using the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester.

Jeremy Mueller from Common Place farm in Oregon was the first grower we saw harvesting microgreens with the Quick-Cut originally designed for cutting field salad.

We made a ramp with wheels on the back and a handle on the front, so you are always cutting up hill which assists the micro greens harvest to fall back and be caught in the harvester bag easily before unloading.

We harvest two trays before emptying the harvester.

The salad container is on wheels. This allows us to move the harvester and salad container to the micro greens, eliminating wasted movement (muda).

We grow our micro greens in the Paperpot trays, which allows for total harvest of the stem without any soil contamination.

A 80 litre wheelbarrow of seed raising mix will grow 9 kg of micro greens which is one Systema tub full.

We harvested 43 trays in under 10 minutes with a total yield of 20kg of micro greens
We grow three different colours of radish micro green and one daikon.

20 kg divided by 43 trays equals 465gm per tray.

$70 per kg equals $1400 turnover.

$43 per tray.

6 days to maturity.

$7.17 per tray per day.

Seed cost: $1.34 per tray (36gms)

Note: if sowing heavier in winter $2.01 per tray (54gms)

In summer, the days to maturity are 6 and in winter they jump to 12.

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