How we speed up propagation + optimise both germination and seedling health at the same time.

The drop seeder is a game changer for efficiency + consistency in propagation. Here we take a look at Drop Seeders and a custom version we had made for our favourite propagation tray.

Our tray of choice is Quick Pot. QPD 60/7R (in New Zealand we purchase these from DALTONS: email them as they do not necessarily list all they carry on the website.) ACTIVEVISTA in Tasmania carry everything you need for market garden set up + they even made us a custom Drop Seeder for this configuration which allows us to sow pelleted lettuce seeds fast.

Fill the propagation tray, firming the soil in the cells, followed by screening of excess soil.

NOTE: here is a link to our podcast on potting mix on the Profitable Mini Farm – FARM SMALL FARM SMART with Diego Footer.

Create small indentations to receive the seeds using a Dibble Board.

The top plate on the drop seeder has 4.5 mm holes for pelleted lettuce.

Once Seeds are placed we Dibble on top again to press the seeds below the surface before covering with more soil and screening the surface again.

Late winter early spring you can so multiple seeds in each cell such as spring onions to transplant for early start. Once the soil warms, we direct seed these crops for further successions with the Jang seeder.

For transplants that need to be grown larger such as a cucumber we will pot up from the 60 cell tray to at 18 cell tray once the roots appear at the bottom of the tray, it is time to transplant.

We use the Paperpot Drop Seeder for sowing paper chains in the Paperpot trays using the same process. have a new drop seeder THE KWIK-KLIK that is extremely precise, especially for sowing, tiny seeds, such as broccoli.

This recently released tool has threaded feet underneath that allow you to apply tension between the two plates. This is a game changer for small seeds.

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