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Jodi Roebuck, the visionary behind Roebuck Farm, brings three decades of experience in agriculture. His belief in the potential of cross-pollination between different agricultural sectors and climates has been a driving force in his work.

Jodi’s philosophy is clear: true sustainability must also be profitable + being “green” is only achievable if you’re not “in the red,” emphasizing the importance of economic viability in sustainable agriculture.

If distance is restricting you from visiting Roebuck Farm, an online, one-on-one consultation with Jodi to strategise, will leave you feeling empowered + equipped to take the right steps towards sustainable food production.


On-farm consultations can be made by arrangement.

You will get specific direction on:
  • Decisions around your site choice,
  • Farm design regarding potential income,
  • The right tools for your soils,
  • How to scale up to appropriate market streams,
  • Efficiency + compliancy in wash + pack/ post-harvest design,
  • Greenhouse design + orientation,
  • Microgreen production/design,
  • Crop choice + management,
  • Ongoing resources
the process is online + simple
You book a consult session.
We email you questions to help outline the details of your project.
We then schedule a time in our calendars for a Google Meet.
hear it from others
The exquisite Roebuck farm in the famed Taranaki region of Aotearoa is nothing short of the best example of small-scale, commercial biointensive gardening that we have seen.

As the world reaches all manner of critical resource peaks, Roebuck Farm is one of the leading models to manage the necessary transition
Darren J. Doherty,

CPAg (AIA), Regrarians Ltd.
The challenge for us has been to find a way past our home delivery sales model. We adopted this during Covid when we lost all our wholesale accounts, and needed to pivot quickly to stay in business. Whilst it turned into a runaway success it was also burning us both out! Growing far to many crops to provide the website with variety and and delivery day sometimes turned into a 10hr ordeal.

Our online consult followed by time spent at Roebuck Farm showed us how to zero in on our most profitable crops and then where to sell them for the best return. This new focus has also shown us how Soul Food Farm can support our family and allow me to leave my 30hr/wk farming job and focus solely on our business.
Eddie + Kylie
Soul Food Farm, Raglan
Oct 2022
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