The Household Gardener One Day Workshop 2nd December 2023


The Household Gardener

One Day workshop

2nd December 2023


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Take your backyard production to the next level. 

This workshop is suited to the beginner, to the serious backyard grower looking to integrate time-saving systems into their plot & to homesteaders with small spaces wanting to maximise organic vegetable production.

Enjoy this intensive one-day workshop with us as we show you how to adapt the award-winning approaches we use to the backyard scale. Ideal for homesteaders and those wishing to maximize production in a small space. Join Jodi Roebuck, Australasia’s leading Biointensive educator, in his own garden & on his own farm for the best hands-on practical learning how the household scale meets the Biointensive Growing system – an organic vegetable growing method designed to maximise harvest in small spaces.


The Household Workshop will focus on:

  • Garden design
    Site aspect, bed layout, access, pathways, sun aspect
  • Growing in small spaces
    Maximising productivity in your household area, stacking functions, area efficient crops
  • Intensive planting
    Biointensive planting allows more plants per bed creating a living ground cover
  • Propagation
    Growing your own seedlings, pricking out, growing micro greens
  • ​Developing new ground
    Removing the lawn & digging first beds
  • Creating deep soils
    Ergonomic digging techniques to deepen & develop sponge like soil structure
  • Transplanting
    Minimising transplant shock
  • Composting
    Turning waste into gold
  • Innovative tools & techniques
    Appropriate tools for small spaces
  • Weed management
    ​Hand weeding & stale seed beds
  • Season extension
    Getting an early start on the season and growing a little later
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