The Roebuck Fork


The Roebuck Fork Standard size 1100mm or for gardeners over 6ft 1200mm.

A beautiful quality tool made highly durable material to last a lifetime.

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We have transformed our soil using  The Roebuck Fork from a zero-topsoil compact ground to a structure now achieving record filtration.


 The Roebuck Fork will improve your soil quality and so reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides simply because vastly improved soil quality allows plants to grow healthier, making them less susceptible to pests and diseases.


A beautiful and quality tool made highly durable materials.

You will have this tool for a lifetime.


Made of high-tensile steel
Native timber Tawa handle
Galvanised, black powder coated with 5mm thick tines

1100mm is standard size
1200mm for those 6ft or over.

Produced by award-winning CARAC Engineering, Taranaki

Tool only available in New Zealand at this point.



Designed by Jodi on farm to transform soils .
  • THE ROEBUCK FORK specifically to deeply aerate soils without disturbing the critical soil structure.
  • When the soil is aerated properly, it can hold more moisture, nutrients, and oxygen, essential for plant growth.
  • We experienced higher crop yields when we were able to use this tool as the soil then had the right texture and nutrient levels necessary for healthy plant growth.
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