Where did the bullet-proof quality tools go from our grandparent's day that were really built to last and do the job?


When we began our market gardens we quickly realised there was not such a fork available, and with the soils we were faced with, we needed it!


Jodi developed The Roebuck Fork and it has been the transformation from zero topsoil compact ground to a structure now achieving record filtration.






Expect improved crop yields.


When the soil is aerated properly, it can hold more moisture, nutrients, and oxygen,  essential for plant growth.


The ROEBUCK FORK will deeply aerate garden beds to create perfect soil consistency for crops without disturbing critical soil structure.  


We experienced higher crop yields when we were able to use this tool as the soil then had the right texture and nutrient levels necessary for healthy plant growth.




Standard size 1100mm or

for gardeners over 6ft 1200mm


Includes postage & packaging with NZ 



Environmentally friendly + built to last.


By using The Roebuck Fork, you improve soil quality and so reduce the need for fertilisers and pesticide simply because the improved soil quality allows plants to grow healthier, making them less susceptible to pests and diseases.


The Roebuck Fork is made from high-quality durable materials + you will have this tool for a lifetime.


Produced locally in collaboration with award-winning CARAC Engineering, Taranaki

Made of high tensile steel

Native timber Tawa handle

5mm thick tines

Galvanised, black powder coated

1100mm is standard size

1200mm for those 6ft or over.





When farming small, tool & technique efficiency is at the bottom line for all sustainability.


We are passionate about sustainability in our food systems + to us that means soil + plant health, community health + our own physical + mental well-being. 


If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, like we do, an excellent place to source further market gardening tools is Active Vista in Tasmania.

 James Hutchinson established Longley Organic Farm + in desire to make farming sustainable for the small scale farmer, he established his tool innovation + supply operation Active Vista. 

Check them out for exceptional service + supply across all of Australasia. 




Roebuck Farm models an alliance between sustainable, in-season growing principles + modern innovative technologies. 

Join us to build practical understanding during our on-farm + online events, based entirely around our agrarian & market garden production.