A better way to sow cover crops with the Jang JP5

In the past, we have sown cover crops by scatter sowing the seeds, and using the Tither to run over top burying the seeds.

Now we have found a faster more efficient way to establish cover crops by using the five Row Jang.

The process:

We aim to sow 400gm of cover crop seed on each 14 meter bed.

The seed roller we are use in the Jang Seed hopper is R 24. This is the largest hole available for seed rollers, it has a total of 24 holes.

We set the brush height to 3/4 of the seed size and remove the black felt for sowing.

Ten rows on a 14 meter bed gave us 220gm, so we run over the bed twice to hit 440 gm.

Bed preparation is simple. We surface cultivate with the Tither before seeding. 

After seeding we then irrigate, followed by covering with 70% shade net for consistent germination.

Germination can take up to five days, then its time to remove the shade nets.

Buckwheat is a fast summer cover crop, a great weed suppressor, scavenges phosphorus and rejuvenates low fertility soils. It has a long flowering window attracting many beneficial insects.

Termination: Crimp and tarp – buckwheat breaks down fast.

Or cut plants at surface with a weed eater, adding the material to the compost and again tarp for a faster breakdown

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