Hand Watering Efficiency

Being efficient with daily processes makes all the difference between your business being sustainable and profitable or not. Although we have irrigation for the market garden, hand-watering still has its place.

We use a click-in system for field irrigation and hand watering which keeps all irrigation lines underground.

We are often adding extra water to beds that have just been seeded. By increasing our hose size, thus increasing the flow rate, we are able to water beds faster. We use a 25 mm fire hose for the field with an adjustable spray rose made by Ryset (available from Active Vista).

For propagation and microgreens we have a 19 mm hose made by Skellerup connected to a Gardena watering rose. This large hose increases our water flow and the watering rose has very small holes creating a very fast + fine flow of water.

The hoses mentioned are available from farm stores and are used on dairy farms typically.

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