What we love about the Japanese SUMI SOAKER

The highly portable Sumi soaker irrigation has been a game changer for us providing the fastest, most gentle, and even irrigation we have seen ideal for germinating, cover crops and all direct seeded field crops.

Originally manufactured for sports fields, the Japanese irrigation system has increased our germination of direct seeded crops significantly + the high efficiency equals low water usage.

We use the Sumi R model.

The line is easily connected and removed by your choice of attachment, hose, fitting, or ag-line

The R-wide hose has a low operating pressure of 7PSI – 30 psi, and provides an even coverage of up to 5.5 m on both sides.(11 mt total width) delivering an even 1 ml of medium droplets in seven minutes.

The head attachment has a filter sock with the opposite end, closed by a clip. The hose line simply sits on the ground and can be elevated with the Sumi elevator clip
Easy to pack away for winter and has little interference with path access. We highly recommend for  garden tasks such as composting beds or direct seeding.
For early stages of garden design, we recommend setting up irrigation to see what coverage you have with the Sumi soaker to plan your bed blocks accordingly
Our greenhouse production we use drip line for summer crops in winter. We use Drip Line also for transplanted crops such as lettuce while using the Sumi for all other direct seeded crops.

Coupled with using 70% shade cloth over direct seeded crops we have seen a 30% increase in germination.

Activevista.com.au now stock the Sumi irrigation for Australasia.

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