Why we modified our Bubbler design

Video notes: The spa blower referred to is from davey.com.au model number Q5601C38 Current 4.1 amps Power, 940 watts. These dimensions maximise the stainless steel inputs. The water depth is 400 mm, This allows for good movement of the salad and for debris such as soil to sink.

The pressure pipe is 40 mm round with 3 mm holes drilled every 4 cm. Side holes are angled, so the air hits the side wall at 3000 mm. This returns the salad and gives an even flow. Soil caterpillars and slugs will sink after turning the bubbler off. We wait briefly before removing the salad, this gives time for debris to sink.

Some micro green seed hulls will float so we have left the furthest corner of the pressure pipe with no holes to create a dead zone from which you can remove the floating items, such as hulls with a pool screen. When filled with salad, we will remove the majority of produce by hand and the final amounts with a pool screen. This keeps the water clean. Increase your water line in so you can quick fill the bubbler.

Trouble shooting tips: ensure your spa blower will blow enough air. The salad should move effortlessly in the bubbler. Turn the bubbler off and wait before removing salad, so your problems such as small slugs or soil sink and separate. Don’t be afraid to wash micro greens. Some seed hulls will float. You can remove them with the pool screen and the remainder will sink. For us, this doubles the shelf life. Wash salad separately because they have different drying times rather than mixing different salad types in the bubbler.

New Zealand contact for manufacturing is Superior Stainless in New Plymouth


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