Innovative approaches to growing food have enabled our market gardens to be sustainable for our family, as a business + for our community.  We focus on growing excellent  produce + direct marketing it locally into restaurant + retail.


We highly respect the relationships created within the community through shared values in sustainable food systems + are keenly inspired to share what we have learned with you so this becomes the norm.




Jodi Roebuck will share with you all that has been involved in establishing his market garden and how using lean principles, he has doubled the turnover, in the same area in 12mths. 


Roebuck Farm workshops have the opportunity to be as hands-on as you want to be + cover implementation from the ground up developing a site including aspect, planning + design, right through to implementation including bed preparation options, innovative hand held tools, crop choices, propagation, harvesting and multiple market streams.




​What to look for in a site

Planning + design

Bed preparation

Irrigation systems


Glasshouse options

Propagation options

Harvesting techniques

Washroom design

Washing your produce

Post harvest systems for washing, drying, bagging + chilling greens

Washing + bunching root vegetables,

Growing micro greens

Using tarpaulins

Stale seed bedding

Innovative tools

Seeding with the Earthway, Jang + SixRow Seeder

Cloches for winter production + preventing insect damage

Our preferred resources 



We fully cater all workshops with our own farm to plate produce alongside the many other flavours + products made here in Taranaki, so you will be very well sustained for the  ​intensive days in the garden.  We do our best to meet dietary requirements + will ask you specifically about this on enrolment. 

All workshops run from 9 am to 5 pm, but we understand if you need to leave early for transport home.

You will receive course notes + our resources, with the opportunity to connect with us + other participants via our FB group for long-term support. 

We are only 10 min south of town, however there is no public transport directly to the farm. Most people coming from the airport hire a car there.

We like to run these events with small numbers, so it is important you read our cancellation policy prior to booking.



If you have any further questions about our workshops, get in touch.


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