As a thriving market garden built from the ground up, we focus on growing excellent quality produce + direct marketing it locally into restaurant + retail.

We highly respect the relationships created within the community through shared values in sustainable food systems + are keenly inspired to share what we have learned with you so this becomes the norm.


Over the two days of the Introduction to Market Gardening Workshop, Jodi Roebuck will share with you all that has been involved in establishing his market garden and how using lean principles, he has doubled the turnover, in the same area in 12mths. 

Roebuck Farm workshops have the opportunity to be as hands-on as you want to be + cover implementation from the ground up developing a site including aspect, planning + design, right through to implementation including bed preparation options, innovative hand held tools, crop choices, propagation, harvesting and multiple market streams.

If you have a question about any of our workshops, get in touch, we are glad to help.

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Brittany Ryan, Taranaki

"It's aways good to dig deeper and connect with educated and motivated individuals - Jodi and Tanya set the bar high. I always walk away inspired. Pioneers in the local food movement, Roebuck Farm workshops are an excellent resource for those wanting to upskill in market gardening, sustainability, restorative grazing and seed saving."

Christine + Graham Haworth, Ohakune

"Thanks so much for an outstanding winter Home Gardener course. Both Graham and I were really impressed with the content, the hands on experience and the caliber of people who came and contributed to the day"

Sue Marsh, Australia

"Loved every minute of it and learnt a great deal. And what a treat to be able to do the course at Roebuck Farm. The pasture is so healthy there I could eat it myself. Thanks to the 'behind the sceners' too for the best lunches you could wish for.”